Jul 4, 2024

In Northern England, House of Malt is a private family business that has transformed into one of the most well-known online retailers of special whiskeys and spirits in the U.K. It was established in the year 2015 as a family-owned business and have used for their online business from 2017.

House of Malt has a store and retail space within Northern England, though a substantial portion of their sales are conducted online through their website. The company currently ships across all of the U.K. and plan to expand internationally.

Woo spoke with Jethro Hazelhurst, House of Malt's Ecommerce Director.

photo of the House of Malt location

for Whiskey

House of Malt chose as their eCommerce platform due their seeking to avoid other platforms that are highly controlled; they liked how flexible the Woo platform could be, and wanted to have control over all aspects of their businesses online and activities as they can.

Since the beginning, House of Malt has joined forces with Woo by way of their Enterprise Ecommerce program, which has helped improve the circulation of funds. Woo is a blessing for their business in numerous different ways. For instance, an increase in the average order value as well as conversion rates and an improvement in the amount of required to deposit from 7 days to 1 day has all allowed them to ensure they have sufficient working capital available to finance their growing needs.

Big wins

  • The conversion rate was upped and the average of purchase value increased by 22% following the introduction in Apple Pay through WooPayments.
  • Reduced the time for cash withdrawals from 7 days to 1 day with the assistance of the Woo Customer Success team.
  • Founded in 2015, House of Malt has grown to be one of the leading three internet vendors of alcohol in the U.K.

Key Extensions

  • WooPayments as well as Apple Pay
  • PayPal and PayPal Pay Later
  • Searchinise
  • The theme of Storefront
  • Google Listings as well as Ads
  • Klaviyo email marketing

Achievement in the wake of Brexit and Covid-19

Similar to many British companies, House of Malt was in the grip of tax on exports that came with the Brexit law. In the wake of the problems that followed, the company was forced to focus their efforts on customers within the U.K. The company has been one of the top three businesses within the U.K. for online specialist whisky sales.

In the wake of the Covid-19 shut-down, House of Malt was in a position to continue their operations in spite of the closures. House of Malt operates solely through their web site.

The physical store is a crucial aspect of their image and gives unique experiences to their customers which they're unable to replicate.

Matching data to malts: to provide customers with the highest quality customer service

House of Malt has a good understanding of their customers that use their website, which helps inform their strategy of online shopping.

The rule of thumb is it is that House of Malt serves four diverse customer segments:

  1. People who are interested in trying out new products that are available on the website.
  2. Returning customers who visit houseofmalt.co.uk for their top merchandise, only to purchase the same items every time.
  3. Collectors who are keen to stay up to date on the most recent release and collection.
  4. Wholesalers who can't find a product anywhere else and who visit House of Malt for repeat purchases to stock up on bars as well as small shops.

This is especially beneficial due to the restrictions regarding advertising on alcohol retailers -this is something House of Malt combats with an effective email marketing campaign.

Enhance the value of your average order by 22% when you use Apple Pay and WooPayments

House of Malt offers a range of options for payment, including PayPal, PayPal credit card processing, Apple Pay and Google Pay through WooPayments.

The company decided to launch WooPayments to Apple Pay specifically due to the amount of users who visit their website. Jethro stated that "The majority of our customers are on mobile devices and Apple users are using Safari. I'm able to understand why that conversion rates will go up due to the fact that we have Apple Pay. It's not a reason to believe that this shouldn't be. There's more friction. This has been an important shift in the game for us."

After introducing Apple Pay, House of Malt is reporting the increase of 22% in the number of orders placed as well as the rate of conversion is increasing when it offers a range of choices to pay.

"The more payment methods we are able to offer the more choices we have, the greater chance of 100. We've seen increased conversion rates since we've added a variety of payment options. The use of every payment option and WooPayments have seen a great growth in recent years. It is all looking good for the future and we will continue to use it as methods to expand." -" Jethro Hazelhurst, Ecommerce Director at House of Malt. House of Malt

Transferring whiskey across the lake

House of Malt is planning an international expansion plan beginning with Europe and then to the U.S. They are currently looking for shipping partners and their customs logistics, striving to offer the best customer experience for overseas orders.

The new warehouse is an excellent addition to the company. House of Malt anticipates thriving when there is a high demand for quantities, like in the holiday season and also their eventual expanding internationally.

The integration of more payment and product options

House of Malt is also developing their catalog of products, and increasing the experience for users on their website, as well as developing a subscription service and loyalty program for their loyal customers.

They're still looking for other payment options to meet customer preference for payment. They're increasing their buy now, as well as the pay later (BNPL) options with additional suppliers.

Hazelhurst knows the advantages of BNPL: "The fact that buyers can make use of buy now and pay later boosts the value of orders. All buy now pay later choices will assist."

Overall, House of Malt has been extremely pleased with , and is now looking to the future.

"All you've done on WooPayments is making a nice tiny impact" Hazelhurst said. "Somewhere in northwestern of England, in a tiny portion of a town that is older. The whiskey we're selling is being used by individuals with Woo."

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