The TCommerce Way that powered the schools to collect money for charities.

Jul 11, 2024

The dentist in Birmingham, Alabama, pediatric dentist Richard Baxter, DMD, MS assists dentists identify and treat mouth and tongue relationships.

The concept of a school that was sparked by the birth of twins to twins' birth in 2014, resulted in the establishment of the Tongue-Tied Academy that is the only school that focuses on addressing the issue of tongue-tied babies, which is a prevalent but not recognized matter.

The course began course in 2020. the instructor has seen more than 1500 students enroll in the course. The instructor was certain that any profit earned would be donated for charitable causes, both local and international charitable organizations..

The writer explains how he came up with the web-based course company, as well as the ways in which TCommerce helped in increasing the company's success.

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He found his niche

The girls were very younger The dentist was aware of the presence of tongue tie which was affecting their ability to nurse. After finding a dentist who can perform a laser procedure to release the knot from their tongue and they would have the ability to get the time to relax and restful sleep. "The dentist advised me to pay attention to knots on the tongue in young children since they're more common than most people are aware of. About four out of five children have one" Baxter tells .

Then the public started asking him questions regarding the manner in which his lips and tongues were tied. In search of more information about the subject He re-read all books and seminars on the subject, but was shocked to find the absence of information that he could choose from. After that, he was able to apply the tongue tie with lasers. After delivering the treatment to patients, and responding to the mom's questions and worries and worries and worries, he decided to write an article on the topic. An increasing number of patients approached him for advice and eventually, he made the initiative to create and publish Tongue Tied, the novel Tongue Tied, in 2018. "People who gone through the book, but would be interested in knowing more," Baxter says. Baxter.

The next phase was to create his own online academy . The dental office was shut down activities due to the flu pandemic He had written his course's curriculum of nearly 200 pages. He then hired the film-making team to film the main course lasting about 25 hours. This was done while the dental office was closed.

He enrolled for

The secret to success with the success in the success of Tongue-Tied Academy is the partnership which it has the ability to share with creation of an effective method for the course's delivery.

"What's most appealing is the capability to arrange the classes in modules." Baxter holds shares.

It is possible to present the material in small chunks, and add quizzes to the end of each chapter. Furthermore, he could integrate sections of his research into the software. "I consider it advantageous to include different kinds of material into the course instead of only video." He says.

The instructor is a regular user of the program which enables the automated issuance of certificate for his pupils. "I do not have to think about how I will complete anything for my course in an entire day, except for responding to questions during the discussions as everything can be automated" the instructor admits.

The TCommerce merchant made it easy to pay with TCommerce

Switching to TCommerce over Stripe has made it simpler to make it easier an account to pay for the Tongue-Tied Academy's participants. Baxter believes that using TCommerce has made him less sales. But, since a change to a Stripe integration, check-outs have become much simpler as per Baxter.

The company provides a range of payment methods. This includes Apple Pay and Google Pay, Baxter says that TCommerce allows transactions to be seamless offering accessibility and ease of usage for people across the globe.

"You can click a button, and then utilize your identification card by utilizing the photo you took, and select the courses you'd like to take," Baxter says. Baxter. "It's an easier way of organizing everything you've learned in a ."

Moreover, 's automated calculation of sales tax features helps reduce the administrative load as well as ensuring laws are followed across states. Baxter states that the cash earned from classes could be more easy to pay for than the former firm that handled the payments.

"I do not even think about it since it's so effortless," he says. " Payments manages everything for me. Money is transferred to my account at the bank ."

With the intention of launching the new version of his well-loved course during spring, Baxter plans on using the option of buying bumps, as well as letting customers take additional courses at a lower cost and without increasing the amount of time required to pay for the courses.

The amount he was able to get by way of the generosity of others

After the funds are deposited in his account at the institution, the individual who banked it donates 100 % of the profits to charity.

Alongside aiding clean water initiatives throughout Africa and Asia to help in combating the exploitation of humans, his dedication to ensuring the wellbeing in his neighborhood is an example of the overall mission of the academy which is to provide social aid. "I do not require any extra things," he says. "We own a house, and we have a car, we're fine ."

"If I am able to help the child who was able to feed before or was difficult to feed and has an issue that is worth it," the doctor continues.

He introduced various versions of his program.

In order to meet the diverse needs of the individuals he assisted, Baxter launched a condensed version of his course that was designed especially for professionals such as speech therapists, lactation specialists and other. This LITE Version course, priced at $495, offers an easy but effective study of the topic, catering to a broader spectrum of students.

The course runs in a perpetual style and students are able to enroll whenever they'd like to. "Teaching the online course allows it to be easy for all students to access," he says.

Furthermore, the courses include American Dental Association-approved continuing education credits. "We employ an approved CE provider. The students can utilize it for the renewal of their certificates," Baxter explains.

While the cost of the most popular course, which is valued at $2600 and includes the content of the course along with CE certificate, it helps students appreciate the importance of this course.

He designed a straightforward user experience

In spite of his successes, Baxter says that he has a lack of approach to marketing.

The normal customer experience begins with the reading of the book. Then, if they want to learn more about the subject, the book can guide them to Tongue-Tied Academy.

At events where he gives talks or conferences, typically people who attend tend to sign up for his mailing list. After people have joined his mailing list you'll receive an email from MailChimp to direct them to his web site.

He was the person who set the standard for success.

Baxter states that his success is in his ability to increase his knowledge. "It's not just me who does this." He adds.

"We are home to more than 1500 students who have taken the course. If they see at least one patient per day That's far more patients that I've ever had the opportunity to handle myself. ."

The definition of his achievements lies in the formation of doctors, supporting parents in ensuring patients get better treatment and all this with donations to charitable causes all over the world.

When creating an online course, it is advised that the authors discover their interests. "It can be anything," he declares. "And regardless of what it's, you'll be able to make the choice you'd like to take. ."

"Just be yourself," Baxter encourages. "I'm not an online course man. I'm a dentist. My only action was launch my class on the market, and last year we were honored with having an award for one of the top 10 courses on ."

Before the launching of Tongue-Tied Academy, he created two of his own courses. They were $99 each, and roughly 10 students could go to. "I am a direct student of the program" He says. I gathered higher-quality video and created a course that is a benchmark via Tongue-Tied Academy ."

"You could fail multiple times," he adds, "but that's just an aspect of the process of learning. It's impossible to prevent an error if you don't be able to take it back ."

While Tongue-Tied Academy continues to evolve by maintaining a commitment to service and education, its legacy of altruism and empowerment serves as an inspiration for both the students and teachers.

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