Make a Group Coaching Plan in just 3 easy steps

Jul 5, 2024

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If you're an online instructor looking to multiply your revenue, the best thing to do is make a group-based coaching program through your own website.

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Like the title suggests, group coaching refers to an environment where you simultaneously teach the same thing to multiple participants. What advantages can it provide for you?

For example:

  • Earn at scale by coaching multiple people at once
  • Form a community that is supportive that clients benefit from one other
  • Save time by reducing repetition

There's no way to reap all of these advantages when you aren't aware of what to do to set up a group coaching program from the beginning. However, since you're here, it's safe to affirm that you're on the right track.

In this blog, we'll discuss the ways you can easily design and run a group coaching program in WordPress.

Let's first inform our readers a little bit about what a group coaching program actually is!

What is the Group Coaching Programme?

In addition, it's also helpful for customers since they are part of a group of similar individuals. The members can provide each other with advice and support, while there's also a space for challenges and competition.

Imagine you're a fitness trainer coaching one-on-one for a while. You're working 8 hours per day, but you only have five clients.

How would you categorize and guide your clients as the form of a group?

They can be grouped into the groups of Weight Loss, Muscle Gains as well as Stay Fit. If you put them in groups it is possible to teach 5 to 10 people all at once.

Previously, you struggled trying to handle 5 clients per day. By using group coaching, you can manage 50 or more people at once!

As a result, you'll earn more money spending the same time while creating a community of people who share the same goals.

Benefits of a Group Coaching Benefits of Group Coaching

At this point, we think you're pretty familiar with how group coaching is beneficial. If you think that making more money and reducing time don't convince you to start an organization-based coaching program Let's look at a few more to grasp its benefits.

Higher learning possibilities for everyone: If you are running a group coaching program, participants can also learn by sharing their experiences. For those who may not feel inspired to learn can frequently be influenced by other people successful approaches, successes or ideas.

Supportive community:When a number of people are learning together, they build bonds between them. As they become more familiar with each other, supporting each other comes automatically. Therefore, even if a student isn't able to comprehend the class, they could ask their peers to help them understand.

Opportunity to create a bigger impact:As an instructor, group coaching programs are an ideal way to make an enormous impact within your area of expertise. Instead of doing the exact identical thing over and over again in each one-on-one meeting, you will be able to present your expertise to a larger audience.

Cost-effective for clientsAs an online instructor you need to be mindful of your fees to ensure they are not a burden for the clients. If you're conducting one-on-one coaching, it's understandable that you cannot lower your charges since you're only doing a few. But, you could earn more money with group coaching, even though you take less from everyone.

The Best Platform for Running Your Group Coaching Programm

An online presence is the primary thing you need to run your coaching group online. There are several ways to build a website, but WordPress has been identified as the best Content Management System (CMS).

About 45.8 percentage of all sites in the Internet were created using WordPress. You might wonder what all there is to this hype.

Well, to say the minimum, it's an open-source software that can be used for free.

In addition, WordPress offers thousands of free themes in every category, making it easy to choose the right style to your website. There are also plugins.

WordPress plugins are powerful tools designed to address virtually any need or problem you might encounter, simplifying your workflow.

Check out some of WordPress's advantages, making it the ideal platform for running your group training program.

  • A user-friendly interface is easy to use, even for beginners, with a simple and intuitive screen.
  • Capability to Scale: allows you to expand your program without compromising speed.
  • SEO-friendly: The built-in features and plugins are designed to improve your site's visibility in search engines.
  • Community assistance Support for the community: Comprehensive support from the WordPress community via forums, tutorials, and documentation.
  • Weekly Updates frequent updates that increase security, functionality and speed.
  • Mobile Responsiveness Themes and plugins ensure your site's appearance is great on all devices.
  • Cost-Effective There are a variety of free themes and extensions, with premium options for more advanced features.
  • Capabilities for Integration It is easy to integrate with different third-party tools and applications to provide enhanced capabilities.

We'll now discuss the only WordPress plugin that can meet every need for setting up and managing a group coaching program.

A One-Stop Solution to your Group Coaching Needs

, is a name that's very popular with people who run coaching programs on WordPress. This plugin has all of the features you can ask for to run your coaching business efficiently.

One of the advantages of this amazing plugin is the built-in extensions and third-party integrations. This makes this plugin more valuable by enabling to cater for a large user base.

CoachKit(tm) is one of those helpful add-ons which is ideal for users looking to set up the group coaching program. To name some of the characteristics:

  • Create and sell unlimited coaching programs right on WordPress.
  • Map Milestones that keep your students on the right track.
  • Install Habit Tracking to monitor and track the growth.
  • Set goals that will provide your students with a sense of progress and achievement.
  • Define Due Dates what deadlines you would like assignments to complete precisely.
  • Allow clients to set up office hours in conjunction with coaches.
  • Private and group messages can be sent to students to help them achieve their goals.
  • Automated Check-ins allow you to remain in touch without being glued to your phone all throughout the day.
  • Create Cohorts that create special and unique experience to your pupils.
  • Design a Client Management System that streamlines your process.

How to create a Group Coaching Program using CoachKit(tm): Step-by-Step Process

If you've learned how the CoachKit(tm) add-on can streamline the process of group coaching now is the time to put it into use the add-on and feel the benefits for you.

The following step-by-step manual to assist you in how to set up your coaching group using WordPress using CoachKit(tm).

Step 1. Install and activate CoachKit(tm)

When you're done, log on to the dashboard, and then click Add-ons

Next, search for the Coachkit TM add-on to activate it.

Then, you're ready to fully benefit from turning your website's membership page into a complete coaching system.

Step 2: Create Your Coaching Programm

Once you have activated and set up your CoachKit(tm) plugin After activating and setting up the CoachKit(tm) plugin, you can start creating your coaching programs.

To add a program to your site, head to the dashboard> CoachKit(tm)> Programs and select Add New:

Hit the Publish button to publish the program.

Step 3: Enroll Clients by logging into the Membership

After you've set up your course, now is the time to show your audience what's to offer them. How can you accomplish this? Create a member community to welcome them to.

Navigate to Dashboard > > Memberships, then select the membership which you wish to join. program(s).

After that, click Edit to launch the editor for members. Then, in the Membership Options section choose the CoachKit tab. Select the membership program that you want to assign to this membership.

Click on the second option and then select the features you want to make available for your people in the list of members:

There you are! As soon as the new member joins the membership, they'll get assigned to the program.

Clients are assigned randomly to any of the cohorts available in each program once someone enrolls in your membership. CoachKit(tm) is able to fill the cohorts of new clients beginning by selecting the group with the largest number of seats.

However, that's only the beginning. It's possible to do much more with this add-on.

Scale Up Your Group Coaching Program by Recruiting Multiple Coaches

The development of an organization-based coaching program could be quick and place the coach in a sweet spot.

On one hand, more and more people are signing up and your revenue is skyrocketing. However it's taking up more and less time to pursue whatever you like.

There's no way to appreciate the earnings you earn or devote the time you need for your self. And that's where recruiting multiple coaches can help.

Imagine you're a fitness trainer offering group fitness training programs for a while.

The number of users you have is growing and you're unable to keep up with it. With the popularity of your coaching, you'll keep getting more users.

Would it be possible to get instructors to train via your platform?

If you have built up a considerable reputation, your users won't mind trusting your instructors in your system. In turn, you'll be able to recruit new instructors and grow your users in a matter of months.

With Coachkit You can accomplish exactly this without the headache that you're looking forward to!

This tool will let you run an online group coaching system where coaches can sign up. It will give you complete control over the assignment of tutors/coaches specific cohorts, programs, and so on.

Do not forget to market your Group Coaching Program

It's possible to encounter a situation in which your service or product is fantastic, however it's not getting the reaction that you'd like.

The main reason for this is the inability to do proper marketing. Although you can create the top group training program, nobody is going to take part until they know about it.

Focus on the marketing sector yourself. Here are some suggestions are worth exploring:

  • Post engaging posts about your coaching program on social media.
  • Email newsletters, promotional emails and other messages to your mailing list.
  • Provide introductory meetings through free webinars to attract potential clients.
  • Share success stories of past clients with testimonials.
  • Provide incentives for existing clients to refer to you new customers.
  • Make use of relevant keywords in order to increase the search engine results.
  • Write blog posts related to group coaching in content marketing.
  • Improve your site's local searches if offering personal meetings.
  • Get featured on reputable websites and blogs to build backlinks.
  • Add your coaching program to online directories.
  • Improve visibility through Google and social media ads.
  • Make compelling landing pages featuring clearly defined calls to actions.

Develop a Group Coaching Program Now!

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Start today!

Begin to earn money for the content you produce.

A group-coaching program can help you make a lot more money as well as organize your schedule and give your clients the opportunity to connect with others who have similar goals are present.

Since both WordPress have a lot of features and feature-rich, there will be no difficulties setting up or managing your group coaching program.

Our hope is that our article has been informative enough to inform the reader on what to accomplish. Alongside your efforts, you'll always benefit from the assistance of the CoachKitTM Extension to boost the capacity of your team. This makes it much easier to enroll members, keep track of them, and talk to them.

Remember to reach out to us via the comments section if you need help understanding anything. If you're a fan of the power of automation and want to make an impact you can take a look at the CoachKit(tm) Add-on.

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