in Turing Fest 2024! -

Jun 21, 2024

Ready to join the ultimate gathering of tech lovers and explorers? In that case, come to Turing Fest 2024! Be sure to look for signs that point you to the Meeting Space, where there's plenty of space for you to relax and talk on the spot!

Come join us at our Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland on July 9th and 10th for an extraordinary event dedicated to everything technology and technology.

Enjoy a wide range of workshops, programs, and presentations, where expert speakers will impart their expertise and innovative techniques will be presented. Take advantage of the idea of collaboration and giving back to the community during this event. You will be able to participate in discussions regarding the most recent developments in software, product management marketing and product management, and leave a lasting impression. Also, don't miss an opportunity to interact with thought-leaders during the keynote sessions, and connect with fellow professionals.

Also, you must take a look at the stunning beauty of Edinburgh. Discover the diverse food, culture, and breathtaking sights the city is alive with. Edinburgh is a city steeped in history with its stunning art and architecture from the medieval period, as well as its vibrant art scene, is known for its festivals of culture and historic landmarks. Recently, Edinburgh has become a vibrant hub for technology startups and innovations, drawing talent from all over the globe. Learn, connect and get inspired in the city of dreams, in which tradition is mingled with technology, and innovation thrives amidst the beauty of culture.

 Where can I get Tickets

Still need tickets? Visit the registration page to grab your ticket to get access to incredible speakers, unbeatable networking opportunities, as well as exclusive software to enhance your experience even more! Tickets include entry to the Turing Fest conference sessions (July 9-10), including meals, snacks and coffee, as with an invitation to the official Turing Fest After Party. For those who purchase tickets, you'll also get the opportunity to sign up for numerous workshops and networking events.

 How to Connect Turing Fest 2024 Turing Fest 2024

Visit our Meeting Space or connect with our team through this Turing Fest 2024 app to learn more about subscription management including international tax systems, as well as the ways that an official merchant can allow you to receive payments quicker for your company. Make a reservation now for a demonstration or at Turing Fest 2024 in person!