Customize Your Member Account Portal to make powerful FOMO Marketing

Feb 17, 2024

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    The security feature of the Account Add-on Nav Tabs puts your most exclusive benefits in the spotlight, bringing your revenue-generating site up to the highest levels.

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We all know what happens.

You're heading out to do a lap around the terminal on a long, boring wait, when you notice the signs: VIP Lounge - Platinum Passengers Only.

Beyond these doors is an ethereal land full of time-burning delights, including overstuffed couches, cheery-faced attendants, and a touch of Tchaikovsky to the background.

In this case on this side, both you and your guide ticket will be forced to the best of worn-out vinyl, grimy faces as well as a chorus of alarms from loudspeakers and exhausted infants for for the coming 4 hours.

Miserable traveler sitting and waiting out a layover

If you're a frequent enough flier, it's likely to be the last time that you fly without-Platinum.

 Exclusivity makes money!

Giving anything "more" so long you're able to justify the hard-earned cash it calls for, is a fantastic reason to sell your business to current andpotential customers and members. It's a real advantage to be exclusive.

The power of exclusiveness (what marketers refer to as FOMO) is exactly what Protection of Account Navigation Tabs is all about.

Here, we'll show you how to use this feature to turn your account's nav for clients into a fantastic Marketing tool that uses FOMO.

We'll also give you suggestions for revenue-generating tabsto assist you in making use of this tool to the fullest extent.

Before that, let's talk about some history...

Account Nav Tabs Add-On Overview

Text reads " account navigation tabs".

can be described as the most popular recurring revenue plugin for WordPress. It can be used to build and manage memberships, online courses as well as others service subscriptions.

This also enables users to create and run full-blown online coaching programs and handle complete client management - using the benefit of a absolutely free of code interface.

What's the purpose of this add-on

The account page functions as a member's portal, which your members and subscribers arrive when they sign in. This portal is in which members can access and manage their account details.

Out of the box, is a standard set of navigation tabs, including those that you'd expect to find in a typical membership website. You can also create custom tabs to display on the login page.

And you can house all kinds of content behind those tabs. Examples include...

  • VIP Support Access
  • Accessible resources that can be downloaded, such as ebooks as well as white papers
  • Links outbound to other resources
  • ...and almost anything else

Make sure you create an VIP members/clients area on your site w/ the tabs for protected accounts on your nav to add on

With the legendary Rules function in the mix, the navigational tabs on each client's account page could be transformed into a marketing FOMO force.

How to Transform Your Client Account Navi into a FOMO Marketing Instrument

The Tab is what's the Ad

You've decided to dedicate an hour each weekday as a time for clients to get "walk-in" access to your products and services, similar to a virtual version of your professor's office hours at college.

Naturally, offering this kind of access would be cost-effective use of your time, and it would be restricted only to Premium-level users.

With Account Nav Tabs security it is possible to make use of the tab that Premium users gain access to working hours in order to make a memorable advert and encourage lower-plan users to move up.

Personalize the Member Portal based on Membership Types

This feature is the result of customer requests. This was kind of the "a-ha!" moment for our staff. We learned that many of our customers have multiple membership types.

Take the example of an airline I've provided. There are passengers on the airline with different levels of membership. The airline also offers pilots. Numerous airlines provide a pilot and crew lounge especially for those who are pilots.

Similar to a non-profit, an organization might have members who donate money as well as staff volunteers. By using the Account Nav Tabs as an add-on, it is possible to recreate a distinct account portal experience to each type of membership.

In this case an individual donor accessing the account's page may view tabs that relate to their donation membership. It could be related to the history of donations, benefits for members and access to the donation community.

And the volunteer members could see an entirely separate account interface. This might include a training course for staff and volunteers, an agenda for volunteering, or any other content that isn't relevant to members who donate.

Other Ideas to generate revenue for your Account Nav Tabs Content

Exclusive Member Resources: Create tabs specifically for valuable content such as ebooks videos tutorials and exclusive articles. Protect these tabs based on membership levels and ensure that only members with premium memberships have access.

Customized Coaching Content for websites that offer personalized coaching or consulting tabs, they can be secured and customized to the needs of individual users or specific groups, providing a customized experience with materials, tasks, and even feedback that is directly related to the coaching program they are running.

Events Registrations and Offers: Use a tab for special event registrations and promotions, encrypting it so that only those who have a certain level or users who were active for a specified time are able to view upcoming events as well as special promotions.

Member-only Forums and Communities: If your website has forums or community boards, a protected tab can connect members to these areas making sure that only users that have the proper membership levels are able to access these interactivity areas.

Advanced Training Modules for educational websites, tabs can be used to access advanced training courses or courses for certification exclusively for those who fulfill certain criteria, encouraging members to upgrade or participate more deeply with your content.

Beta Access to Features: Offer your members the chance to try out the latest features and services prior to when they are released to the general public. Protect these tabs so only those who sign up to be a beta tester can access these areas.

Donation and Financial Information: For non-profits or community organizations, a protected tab can provide financial reports, donation history, and special updates for donors or members with specific levels of contribution.

Custom Dashboard and Analytics provide members with a an individual dashboard which displays the progress of their analytics, performance, or other usage information on your platform. Secure these tabs so that users only see information relevant to their specific activities and level.

Networking Opportunities Make an area for networking possibilities like member directories, or contact lists, which is only available to users who are part of specific networks or tiers.

Access to Archived Content Tabs protected by this feature contain links to archived webinars, workshops, or other old content, making them available exclusively for long-term members, or to those who have achieved certain milestones within your community.

It's clear how account navigation tabs expand your membership options to your customers. Let's discuss how you can customize your member portal based on your membership.

The Next Steps

Any rhapsodic thing is worth using, especially the FOMO marketing tool worthy of the descriptor. And particularlyas it relates to your online business the bottom line.

Therefore, the next steps are straightforward, depending on your circumstance:

This new add on is yet another nod to our clients. This Account Nav Tabs add on offers a variety of new possibilities to users as well as customers. We're eager to know how you'll use this new option.

Let us know what you think. What are your strategies for leveraging custom portals for accounts on your website? Post a comment in the comments here.

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