Are you not making enough money as an Coach? This is how to fix it.

Jul 4, 2024

I'm annoyed when coaches aren't properly paid for their work.

Coaching professionals are doing incredible work in helping clients get and stay healthy and build amazing connections. build amazing businesses, earn wealth and more.

Coaching coaches help clients get rid of their pain and reach the desires of their heart.

However, you could be the most effective coach on earth, but not get payed what you're worth when you're not getting certain actions that are done correctly.

It's quite uncomfortable to be aware that you're making the most effort, and you see others much less experienced, skilled and focused than you are having a higher income.

It's fixable!

This is exactly what I'm trying do in this blog entry.

The problem is caused by various factors:

Too little charging

Coaching only, or even too much one-on-one coaching

Your efforts are too great for your customers

Only selling courses

If you are charging too much and you're not earning what you'd like.

A lot of coaches are reluctant to increase their rates because they tie the price to their own value rather than the services they could offer to their clients.

It is crucial to establish your charges according to what you are charging to compensate for your work and time.

The difficulty of coaching 1:1 is due to the fact that it can't adapt to changing circumstances.

With each new customer you sign up then you'll need spend more time. That's why your time is limited. You can only work 24 hours a day.

This is the reason it's so important to join a group coaching program if you're not already.

The group coaching program is scaled. The workload isn't increasing, but it increases moderately every time you get a new client.

It's the same circumstance where you're performing too much work on behalf of customers. One method to tackle this is to structure the processes so that customers have to do some of the tasks their own. You also provide Frameworks and Templates that make it easier for them to complete the task.

Inconsistent leads flow result from having the proper systems installed that will bring you dream Clients daily, and you'll get new clients each week.

If you are selling only courses you will find it to be difficult to make enough revenue consistently.

The courses have less actual and perceived value than coaching courses, in which you can help people through your coaching. This is as well as the "home learning" features of the classes.

If you don't have a coaching program yet then a group coaching program is the next logical step for you to add.

The factors mentioned above are what have a bearing on.

This method makes earning enough money so much easier.


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